The American Tradition of Orderly Political Transition

In the early morning hours of Wednesday, November 9, Donald J. Trump crossed the necessary threshold of 270 electoral votes and became the President-elect of the United States of America.  At noon on Friday, 20 January 2017, Mr. Trump will take the oath administered by U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts on the west Read More >

Pathological counterinsurgency: the failure of imposing legitimacy in El Salvador, Afghanistan, and Iraq

Many voices in the US policy community have suggested that El Salvador provided a model for US counterinsurgency operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, based on the unsound contention that elections increased government legitimacy and effectiveness. The same flawed assessments were present in counterinsurgency strategy in Iraq and Afghanistan – unfounded assumptions that elections would increase Read More >

Why do people vote for Donald Trump?

This is an extraordinary American election. The rise of Donald Trump, which has confounded all the experts, is the most remarkable characteristic of a remarkable political season, generating much angst, confusion, fury, and fear. Why is Donald Trump, a vulgar political outsider, receiving so much support?  Why do people vote for him?  A brief examination Read More >

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