“Drone Defense Course”, Saudi Ministry of Interior Facilities Security Force, 5-9 January 2020

NESA Professor Dave Des Roches developed and fielded a Drone Defense Course for the Saudi Ministry of Interior Facilities Security Force in Riyadh from January 5 – 9th, 2020.

The course looked at developments in drone warfare and put forward a comprehensive framework of drone defense which included defeating observation, promoting target resiliency, disruption drone orientation, and defeating drone sensors and communication as well as kinetic attack measures.

This program was developed in response to current security threats to NESA partner nations and US Central Command guidance.  It drew on current research conducted by Professor Des Roches as part of the Washington think tank community, such as the Middle East Institute’s Cyber initiative.

NESA stands ready to assist partners with instruction on existing as well as emerging threats.  Drawing on its unique role within both the US National Security education structure and the think tank community, NESA faculty has access to cutting edge ideas.

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