The Future of Middle East States

NESA Alumnus Hussein Solomon writes: “It is clear that the European Westphalian state system which was imported into the Middle East by colonial powers through the Sykes-Picot Line in 1916 is under threat. In some cases, such as Libya and Yemen, state collapse is a reality, while in others the future of political authority is Read More >

Senior Executive Seminar, “Strategic Leadership in a Changing Global Order”

From 2-6 December, NESA Professor Daniel Curfiss led the final NESA Center Senior Executive Seminar (SES) of the 2019 calendar year, “Strategic Leadership in a Changing Global Order”. The Senior Executive Seminar is a flagship NESA program geared towards senior policymakers, including general- and flag-level military officers and civilian government leaders (including at the ambassadorial Read More >

Countering Illicit Networks in the Levant and the Gulf Workshop

The NESA Center, as part of its continuing series with CENTCOM, held its second “Countering Illicit Networks in the Levant and Gulf” workshop from 8-11 December, 2019 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The focus of the workshop was to build a deeper understanding of the methods and challenges of counter-narcotics interdiction in the Gulf and Read More >

NESA Saudi War Course Program

From December 9-11, the NESA Center hosted a delegation of senior program faculty from the Saudi Arabia Armed Forces Command and Staff College for a series of discussions and briefings. The workshop marked a continuation of the NESA Center’s longstanding relationship with the Saudi War College, and course director Professor David Des Roches leveraged this Read More >

Tunisia National Defense Institute Seminar, Phase I/II

In collaboration with US Africa Command (AFRICOM), the NESA Center continued its partnership with the Tunisian National Defense Institute (NDI) into its ninth year, executing Phases I/II for a Tunisian NDI security seminar program 26 November 2019, in Tunis, Tunisia. The program was led by Professor Anne Moisan, who lectured on the development of a Read More >

Washington Seminar Luncheon Discussion “U.S. Defense Priorities in an Era of Great Power Competition”: 10 October, Washington, D.C.

In conjunction with the NESA Washington Embassy Orientation Seminar, the NESA Center hosted a Washington Seminar Luncheon, “U.S. Defense Priorities in an Era of Great Power Competition”, at the Army Navy Club in Washington, D.C. on October 10. The luncheon featured Dr. Michael J. Mazarr, a Senior Political Scientist at the RAND Corporation who previously Read More >

NESA-AFRICOM U.S.-North Africa Colonels’ Workshop: 11-19 September

In partnership with AFRICOM, the NESA Center conducted the first-ever “US-North Africa Colonels Workshop” 11-19 September 2019 for 12 officers from 4 North African countries (Morocco, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt), along with 9 U.S. officers from West Point, AFRICOM, SOCAFRICA, the NESA Center, and OSD/African Policy. The Utah National Guard additionally participated as the State Read More >

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