NESA Executive Seminar “Technology and Security in the NESA Region”: 9—20 September

From 9-20 September, NESA Professor David Des Roches led the third NESA Center Executive Seminar (ES) of 2019, “Technology and Security in the NESA Region”. The Executive Seminar is a flagship NESA program geared towards select mid- to higher- level military and government officials from the NESA region, with the September 2019 ES convening 40 participants from 26 countries including Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Uzbekistan, Turkey, the U.S., and Yemen.

The seminar brought together NESA faculty, leading subject matter experts on U.S. foreign and defense policy and NESA region geopolitics, as well as military and civil society stakeholders from the NESA region. Lecturers included Mr. Michael Brody, DHS Chair at the National Defense University’s College of Information and Cyberspace ; Ms. Kara Fredrick, Associate Fellow of Technology and National Security Program at the Center for a New American Security ; and NESA faculty and leadership including LTG (Ret.) Terry Wolff, NESA Center Director and former Deputy Presidential Envoy to the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS. Representative discussion topics included the explorations of how cyber and AI are transforming the domain of modern warfighting, the exploitation of social media and critical infrastructure in crises, and best practices in countering violent extremism, in a changing landscape in which violent actors are growing increasingly tech-saavy.

During their time in Washington, D.C., the ES group participated in numerous off-site visits, including a tour the U.S. Capitol building, where they engaged with the Honorable Dennis Hertel, who previously represented Michigan’s 14th District, on topics relating to American governance.

executive seminar executive seminar executive seminar

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