NESA-USAFRICOM “The New World Order: Future Trends and International Players Workshop” 24-28 February 2020

The Near East South Asia (NESA) Center for Strategic Studies, in partnership with US Africa Command (USAFRICOM), conducted “The New World Order: Future Trends and International Players Workshop” from 24 to 28 February 2020 in Casablanca, Morocco.

The New World Order: Future Trends and International Players Workshop focused on the factors and global trends that will shape the world in decades ahead and how these will affect stability, crises and other security issues.  Factors such as demographic changes, mobilization of populations, emerging technology (such as Artificial Intelligence [AI]), types and quality of governance, the nature of the world order, etc. will continue to demand governments and societies to radically evolve over the coming decades. 

The program adopted a “whole of society” approach examining the changing role/concept of the “state”, as well as the much needed evolution in the nature, role and cooperation (interagency and regional) of security forces to meet the increasingly non-traditional, non-kinetic and asymmetric threats. Underlying successfully adapting to these challenges is the increasing need and important role of good governance, rule of law, effective implementation of anti-corruption legislation, accountability at all levels of society and government and a better understanding of the concept of citizenship. Also influential are various international players in the region such as the GCC, EU, US, China, Turkey, Russia, or non-state actors, which often provide financial assistance or infrastructure investment in exchange for influence, access and a privileged place in the regional order. Rounding the discussion were insights on USAFRICOM’s vision for Africa and its role in North Africa, West Africa and the Sahel in building/improving capacity and encouraging collaboration among countries of the region.  The workshop was conducted under Chatham House Rule of non-attribution in a Track-II like engagement venue.

The Workshop had 38 participants from 12 countries: Algeria (3), Burkina Faso (4), Chad (4), Egypt (6), Indonesia (1), Libya (3), Mali (3), Morocco (4), Spain (1), Tunisia (3), and US (6). Presentations were provided by LTC John Griswold, Strategy Branch Chief, USAFRICOM; Dr. William Lawrence, Professor of International Affairs, American University; Dr. Hassan Abbas, Professor, NESA Center; Mr. Roger Albinyana, Director, Mediterranean Regional Polices and Human Development, European  institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed); Dr. Zora Sukabdi, Associate Professor, Faculty of Psychology, Jenderal Achmed Yani University; Mr. James Ryseff, Technical Analyst at Rand Corporation; and Ambassador Mohamed Dayri, former Minister of Foreign Affair, Libya.    

The NESA-AFRICOM “The New World Order: Future Trends and International Players Workshop” was led by NESA Faculty, Professor Anne Moisan, prepared by Mr. Fahad Malaikah, Program Coordinator and NESA Alumni Coordinator and supported by Program Planner Mr. Monas Kpakpa

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