Red Sea Waters: Great Power Competition Beyond the Indo-Pacific

As part of the Maritime Digital Security Series, NESA Manager of Academic Affairs, Mr. Jeffrey Payne, hosted and moderated the virtual roundtable “Red Sea Waters: Great Power Competition Beyond the Indo-Pacific.”

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The Red Sea is gaining attention among security specialists due to increased activity of regional and non-regional powers along its littoral zones.  Regardless of one’s perspective, there is no denying that Great Power Competition is a component of Red Sea regional security.  The mistake that many make is to either ignore this competition to avoid regional sensitivities, or to put regional dynamics into the Greater Power Competition box.  This conversation, featuring three prominent experts on both the Red Sea and China’s ambitions in the Red Sea Region, focuses on what China’s presence in the Red Sea means for regional actors, how China views this geostrategic point, and how the United States should interpret Chinese regional aspirations.

Discussants included Mr. Zach Vertin of the Brookings Institution; Dr. Joel Wuthnow of the Center for the Study of Chinese Military Affairs at the National Defense University; and Dr. Patricia Kim of the United States Institute for Peace (USIP).

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