Tunisia National Defense Institute Seminar, Phase I/II

In collaboration with US Africa Command (AFRICOM), the NESA Center continued its partnership with the Tunisian National Defense Institute (NDI) into its ninth year, executing Phases I/II for a Tunisian NDI security seminar program 26 November 2019, in Tunis, Tunisia.

The program was led by Professor Anne Moisan, who lectured on the development of a Tunisian National Cybersecurity Strategy and conducted an intensive workshop at the Tunisian NDI with the NDI Director, key NDI faculty, and the auditeurs who will lead their research effort. The 2020 class consists of 42 senior government officials from 17 Tunisian ministries. Auditeurs included 19 from the various Security Sectors, two from the President’s Office and one parliamentarian, all of whom are enrolled in the Tunisian NDI class of 2019-2020.

The NESA-AFRICOM TNDI seminar series is part of a unique program, now in its 37th year, offered through the Tunisian Ministry of Defense, which convenes an interagency working group throughout the academic year to advance whole-of-government approaches to Tunisia’s critical national security and political challenges. Each class is assigned a specific research theme by the Minister of Defense, with this year’s being tasked to draft a National Cybersecurity Strategy. The class of 2019-2020 will come to Washington, D.C. 24 March – 4 April 2020 for Phase II/III, which will also be led by Professor Moisan.

Pictured is Professor Moisan with attendees of the 2019 NESA-AFRICOM TNDI seminar, Phase III, in Alexandria, Virginia.

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