14 February
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NESA IOR Digital Series with Dr. Thomas Lynch
“Washington Seminar” 14 February 2024

The NESA Center held a discussion in Washington, D.C. with Hanin Ghaddar and David Makovsky from the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. The Q&A with 32 participants from 23 countries revolved around the Israel-Hamas war, the regional implications, and U.S. policy toward the region.

28 January–2 February 2024
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NESA IOR Digital Series with Dr. Thomas Lynch
“SANDU Military Strategy Course” 28 January–2 February 2024

The NESA Center delivered a one-week Saudi War Course Strategy Module to a mix of sixty War College faculty and students to support the Saudi Armed Forces Command and Staff College in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Jan–Feb 1 2024
“Countering Violent Extremism & the Role of Community Policing: Best Practices” 28 Jan–1 Feb 2024

The NESA Center hosted a program in Kathmandu, Nepal, designed to help participants evaluate and analyze the nature and dynamics of significant community policing challenges, especially in the realm of violent extremism.

Group photograph of seminar participants on steps of building.
22–26 January 202
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“Combating Transnational Threats Senior Executive Seminar” 22–26 January 2024

The NESA Center ran a Combating Transnational Threats Senior Executive Seminar (CTSES) titled “Technological Innovation & Security Challenges in the NESA Region,” held in Washington, D.C. that engaged 33 participants from 24 countries.

21- 23 January 2024
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NESA Update Report Graphic
“Lecture Series at the at the RJNDC”21- 23 January 2024

The NESA Center Professional Military Education Team enabled the delivery of three subject matter expert lectures to students and faculty at the Royal Jordanian National Defense College (RJNDC) outside Amman, Jordan.

11 Jan
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“NESA-AFRICOM-IEMed ‘Human Security Approach for the 2030 Workshop’” 10-11 January 2024

The NESA Center in partnership with US Africa Command and the European Institute of the Mediterranean, conducted the 10th annual workshop entitled “NESA (SSN)-AFRICOM-IEMed Human Security Approach for the 2030 Workshop,” in Tunis, Tunisia.

9 January 2024
“Tunisian National Defense Institute Security Seminar” 9 January 2024

In partnership with US Africa Command, the NESA Center conducted Phase I/II of the Tunisian National Defense Institute Security Seminar in Tunis, Tunisia. The class’s assigned MOD theme was “The Impact of Climate Change on Security, the Economy and Society.”

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CSAG Papers

Perspectives published by International Officers from the Combined Strategic Analysis Group (CSAG) of the US Central Command Strategy, Plans, and Policy Directorate

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