25–26 May
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"Migration Workshop" 25 to 26 May 2021

NESA in partnership with the George C. Marshall Center for Security Studies and the European Institute of the Mediterranean, conducted a two-day Migration Workshop.

May 24–26
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NESA IOR Digital Series with Dr. Thomas Lynch
"Omani Diplomatic Institute Seminar" 24–26 May 2021

In late May 2021 the NESA Center held a virtual seminar with the Omani Diplomatic Institute in Muscat. The broad objective of the seminar was to engage in a strategic dialogue between NESA experts and the Omani diplomats.

18–19 May 2021
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Nilanthi Samaranayake
"MENA Regional Waters: A Workshop on the Red Sea/Arabian Sea Smuggling Conundrum" 18–19 May 2021

NESA conducted a workshop focused on the maritime security environment in the Red and Arabian Seas.

May 6
"Roundtable Discussion with Armenian Ambassador to the United States" 6 May 2021

The NESA Center held a roundtable discussion with the Armenian Ambassador to the United States, His Excellency Varuzhan Nersesyan.

NESA Security and Energy in the Mediterranean
27–29 April 2021
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Speakers during the 2021 Bay of Bengal Workshop
"Bay of Bengal Maritime Workshop" 27–29 April 2021

The NESA Center hosted a maritime and regional security workshop in a partnership with the National Maritime Foundation (NMF) that focused on the changing environmental and strategic challenges in the Bay of Bengal region.

8 April WEO
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"Washington Embassy Orientation " 8 April 2021

NESA hosted a modified version of its popular Washington Embassy Orientation program with a one-day webinar on “U.S. Relations with the NESA Region in 2021: Current Status and Issues on the Horizon.”

6 April – 9 April 2021 LAF
"Lebanon Fouad Shehab Command & Staff College Program " 6 April – 9 April 2021

The NESA Center led a virtual program that focused on Navigating a Multi-crisis Environment to help participants identify the parameters of the dominant contemporary crises, while also developing mechanisms to prioritize responses and skills for managing requests for aid.

NESA Chatham House Meeting January 2021
CSAG Papers

Perspectives published by International Officers from the Combined Strategic Analysis Group (CSAG) of the US Central Command Strategy, Plans, and Policy Directorate

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