Lincoln Hall


Foreign Nationals

Invitations to participate in NESA Center courses, conferences, and seminars are sent to prospective participants through official channels: usually either through the U.S. Embassy or other U.S. diplomatic representation in the country, or directly to the foreign country’s respective embassy in Washington, D.C.

United States Government Military or Civilian Employees

A select number of slots are reserved in each NESA seminar for U.S. Government officials. U.S. Government officials must provide a completed registration form, résumé or biography, and letter of approval from a superior.

NESA Registrar’s Office

The NESA Registrar’s Office is the primary point of contact for all candidates attending NESA courses, conferences, and seminars.

If you have questions or concerns relating to participation in a NESA academic activity, please contact the Registrar’s Office via NESARegistrar@ndu.edu or phone at (202) 433-7389.