Integrated Deterrence


By: Jussi Puustinen, LTC, FIN Army, CSAG/CCJ5 & Richard Pečínka, Lt Col, CZE Air Force CSAG/CCJ5

17 August 2022

Subject: CSAG’s perspective on the concept of Integrated Deterrence.

Purpose: To provide CSAG’s unvarnished opinion about the Integrated Deterrence Concept. This paper discusses general requirements for implementing the concept, challenges, opportunities, and provides opinions on the questions provided to CSAG. Deterrence here mainly refers to CENTOCOM Priority #1: Deter Iran.

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The opinions and conclusions expressed herein are those of a number of international officers within the Combined Strategic Analysis Group (CSAG) and do not necessarily reflect the views of United States Central Command, not of the nations represented within the CSAG or any other governmental agency.