Is Egypt on the Way to Becoming a Regional Power?

By: LTC Ali Albedwawi, UAE MOD, CSAG CCJ5 25 Mar 2022 Overview: Egypt’s geopolitical importance lies in being open to different geopolitical dimensions at the same time. It overlooks the North African region from the east, connects to the African depth from the north, Sinai allows it to connect with the Middle East and the Read More >

Houthi’s Indoctrination of Yemen’s Youth; How to Untie the Gordian Knot of Educational Oppression?

By LtCol Michael von Normann, German Army, US Central Command: Strategy Plans and Policy Directorate; Combined Strategic Analysis Group, Middle East Branch 21 May 2020 Summary: The Houthi-controlled areas of Yemen have established a strong system of child indoctrination and soldier recruitment through educational institutions. The plethora of negative aftershocks that come from the use Read More >