China’s Approach to the Red Sea States

CSAG INFORMATION PAPER By: MAJ Ibrahim Elveren, TUR Army (CSAG/CCJ5) and LTC Almaz Mukashev, KAZ Army (CSAG/CCJ5) 6 April 2023 Subject: China’s Approach to the Red Sea States. Purpose: This paper aims to present the results of the CSAG’s analysis of China’s Approach to the Red Sea States, including the “5-No Approach” to the African Read More >

UK Withdrawal in the 1970s and Reduction of US Military Footprint in 2021: A Comparison

By: LCDR Stipe Skelin, HRV Navy, CSAG CCJ5 22 June 2022 Overview: This document proposes through the study of a historical case – the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the Middle East (ME) in the 1970s – to establish a comparison with the continuous reduction of the US footprint. The political, financial, and military Read More >