Pirates of the Middle East Gulfs

CSAG INFORMATION PAPER By: LCDR Stipe Skelin, Croatian Navy (CSAG/CCJ5) and LTC René Berendsen, NLD Army (CSAG/CCJ5) 18 July 2023 Subject: Pirates of the Middle East Gulfs Purpose: This paper aims to present the CSAG’s analysis regarding how Iran is using a calculated provocative approach, to enhance their bargaining power by creating leverage during negotiations, Read More >

Dear Middle East Littoral States: Take MDA Seriously

Jeffrey Payne, NESA Center The larger Middle East is a complex security environment.  Ongoing civil conflicts, consistent regional rivalries, and persistent attention by outside major powers are but a few of the factors that shape this complex security situation.  As such, many Middle Eastern powers have built sophisticated security services that seek to maintain stability Read More >