Omani Diplomatic Institute Seminar

24–26 May 2021 – In late May 2021 the Near East South Asia Center for Strategic Studies (NESA) held a virtual seminar with the Omani Diplomatic Institute in Muscat. Fourteen Omani diplomats participated in the seminar. NESA experts covered a variety of topics including the Biden Administration policy toward the Middle East, U.S. military engagement in the region, global power competition, Asian powers, technology and national security, and regional security. The broad objective of the seminar was to engage in a strategic dialogue between NESA experts and the Omani diplomats. The two sides hope to hold similar events in Muscat and Washington DC in the near future.

NESA speakers from top left: Dr. Gawdat Bahgat (Professor of National Security Affairs), LTG (Ret) Terry Wolff (Director), David W. Lamm (Deputy Director), Dr. Roger Kangas (Academic Dean), Dr. Hassan Abbas (Distinguished Professor of International Relations), David Des Roches (Associate Professor)

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