Optimizing Mutual Interests in Afghanistan

By: Lt Col Farhan Ali, Pakistan Army, CSAG CCJ5
05 Aug 2021


While the present domestic political and security situation in Afghanistan is extremely volatile, there are opportunities to strengthen the partnerships beyond the military domain and address the Coalition interests. Every challenge creates new opportunities, but these opportunities can be time sensitive. Dividends from opportunities in Afghanistan can only be optimized when the interests of most, if not all, players are served.

Key Points:

  • While regional and extra regional countries have competing interests in Afghanistan, there are opportunities for the international community to synergize and optimize security and economic efforts.
  • Due to security challenges and a lack of willingness and limited capabilities of regional countries, the difficult situation facing Afghan refugees and internally displaced persons (IDP) will intensify.
  • Afghanistan’s natural resources and geographic importance can offset its economic challenges and lead to regional stability.
  • Turkey’s desire to play a role in Afghanistan presents an opportunity to address the issue of refugees and security concerns, but Turkey’s direct involvement is contingent upon broad-based regional cooperation.

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The opinions and conclusions expressed herein are those of a number of international officers within the Combined Strategic Analysis Group (CSAG) and do not necessarily reflect the views of United States Central Command, not of the nations represented within the CSAG or any other governmental agency.