Saudi Armed Forces Command and Staff College War Course

From 23–24 April 2024, the Near East South Asia (NESA) Center for Strategic Studies team, led by Program Manager Matthew Holbert and Academic Advisor Andrea Brewington, delivered a two-day Faculty and Student engagement to the Saudi Armed Forces War College.

Program Manager Matthew Holbert, Academic Advisor Andrea Brewington, and the Honorable Dennis Hertel at the start of the faculty and student tour of Congress.


The event focused on strategy and strategic logic. Day one focused on national priorities and strategic decisions and was led by the Honorable Dennis Hertel, who explained U.S. priorities and answered questions on aid bills and partnerships. A selection of participants were also interested in touring the Library of Congress to understand it’s function and how research was conducted there.

Day two began with a lecture on “Strategic Logic” by Professor Adam Oler, Associate Dean of Academics and Professor of Strategy, supporting the NESA Center from the National War College. He exposed the audience to the National Security Strategy Primer, Strategic Logic Models, and real-world examples. His lecture was so profound that the Saudi faculty have requested that he visit Saudi Arabia to deliver a full course in the next academic year.

Professor Adam Oler during his presentation.


The faculty and students were then taken on a tour of the National Defense University by Dr. Wayne Clark, who explained the workings of the research facilities and how it contributes to Professional Military Education (PME) and developing personnel into strategic thinkers for the U.S. and partner nations.

The program ended with an exceptional, thorough piece from Dr. Roger Kangas, NESA Center Academic Dean and Professor. He was able to discuss the Russia-Ukraine War in the context of Russia’s perspective, the impact on its policy in the Middle East, and what this means for the rest of the world.

This event continues the NESA Center partnership in support of the Saudi Armed Forces and their efforts to transform Saudi PME.

The Saudi Armed Forces Command and Staff College War Course standing on the steps of Roosevelt Hall with NESA Center Program Manager Matthew Holbert, National War College Professor Adam Oler, and NESA Center Dr. Wayne Clark.


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