Washington Seminar – February 2024

On 14 February 2024, the NESA Center for Strategic Studies held a Washington Seminar Discussion at the Army-Navy Club in Washington, D.C. Dr. Michael Sharnoff moderated a conversation between Hanin Ghaddar and David Makovsky, both policy scholars at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. The afternoon ended with a question-and-answer session with 32 participants from 23 countries. The talk and conversations during question-and-answer revolved around the Israel-Hamas war, the regional implications, and U.S. policy toward the region. The speakers also recommended tangible steps that could be supported today to help the international community get to a place where we can begin discussing what a solution to the conflict would look like.

Dr. Michael Sharnoff during the NESA Center Washington Seminar on 14 February 2024.


David Makovsky (on the left) and Hanin Ghaddar (on the right) during the discussion.


David Makovsky (on the left) and Hanin Ghaddar (on the right), during the question-and-answer session.


Reference the last Washington Seminar held in conjunction with the Washington Embassy Orientation in October 2023.

Washington Embassy Orientation & Washington Seminar 2023


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