Dynamics of Countering Human Trafficking in South Asia and the Gulf

From 30 August–1 September 2021, the Near East South Asia (NESA) Center for Strategic Studies arranged a three-day virtual seminar to help participants assess, analyze, and identify opportunities to effectively counter human trafficking in South Asia and the Gulf and improve regional coordination and cooperation to dismantle illicit networks in the area.

The seminar focused on the creation, dissemination and use of standard operating procedures (SOPS) for victim identification and referral to rehabilitation services. The sessions began with a panel presentation from a multinational panel of experts analyzing the nature of the challenge and guided discussions with the entire group. Then practitioners presented on perspectives and focused on problem solving analytical tools. On the final day of the workshop, participants collaborated through guided conversations on utilizing the knowledge and analytical skills gained to develop a strategy to counter human trafficking in the region.

Speakers from top left: Dr. Hassan Abbas (Course Director and Distinguished Professor, NESA), Dr. Roger Kangas (Academic Dean, NESA), LTG Terry A. Wolff, USA (Ret.) (Director, NESA), Mr. Victor Vartanian (Special Agent (Ret), Department of Homeland Security), Dr. Davina Durgana (Adjunct Faculty, College of International Security Affairs (CISA)), Ms. Carolina Holderness (Chief, Human Trafficking Response Unit & Deputy Chief, Special Victims Bureau, Manhattan District Attorney’s Office), Ms. Humaira Masihuddin, (Visiting Faculty and Trainer, Police College Sihala, Judicial Academy Islamabad), Mr. Sanjeev Pandey (Military Program Management Specialist, Office of Defense Cooperation, Embassy of United States in Nepal), Ms. Lindsey Robinson (Director of Legal Engagement, Human Trafficking Institute), Dr. Al Naqvi (CEO, American Institute of Artificial Intelligence), Deputy Chief David Weiss (Deputy Chief, Human Trafficking Unit, Kings County District Attorney’s Office, Brooklyn, NY), Ms. Anila Duro (Adjunct Professor, Department of Law, Police Science and Criminal Justice Administration, John Jay College)


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