Hezbollah – IRGC Main Coordinating Tool in Middle East


By: Stipe Skelin, LCDR, HRV Navy (CSAG/CCJ5), Richard Pecinka, LTC, CZE AF (CSAG/CCJ5), Mihai-Florin Girboan, MAJ, ROU Army (CSAG/CCJ5)

16 February 2023

Subject: Hezbollah – IRGC’s main coordinating tool in the Middle East.

Purpose: This paper aims to present the results of the CSAG’s analysis of Hezbollah as the main coordinator for Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) actions in the ME. It highlights Hezbollah’s regional activities, cooperation/coordination within ITN and the possible implications for the US/CENTCOM. This paper is the first of a series on Hezbollah’s role in the ME and worldwide.

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