Royal Jordanian National Defense College PME 2023 Planning Meetings

Two people shaking hands in a group.

On 14 December 2022, the NESA Center professional military education (PME) team met with leadership and the directing staff from the Royal Jordanian National Defense College (RJNDC) on their campus outside Amman, Jordan. During the meeting, the team finished a draft memorandum of understanding and scheduled a series of engagement and education events for the remainder of the 22–23 Academic Year.

Two people looking to the left
Dean Marks and Commandant Brigadier Azzam al Rawaneh in front of RJNDC.


Two people shaking hands in a group.
Professor Wiersema meeting RJNDC staff at the entrance to the RJNDC.


Dean Charles Marks, Professor Richard Wiersema, and Outreach and Alumni Coordinator Christopher Muller chaired a series of working meetings with the RJNDC staff and attended office calls with Commandant Brigadier Azzam al Rawaneh. The NESA team also met with leadership and faculty at the RJNDC’s Military Center for Counter-Terrorism and Extremism (MCCTE) on 15 December 2022. In coordination with the U.S. Military Assistance Program–Jordan, the combined team produced final versions of the memorandum of understanding and the collaboration schedule. NESA-led instruction, academic seminars, and faculty and curriculum development workshops with RJNDC will commence in January 2023.

People standing in line for a group photo
Group in front of the MCCTE. From the left: LTC Mahmoud Almarzouq, Christopher Muller, Ret. BG Galeb Gedemat, Professor Richard Wiersema, COL Amjad Alhrout, Dean Charles Marks, Ret. BG Hekmat Altarawneh, and MAJ Kelsey Worley.


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