Saudi Ministry of Defense Conflict Termination Workshop

From 23–27 October 2022, the NESA Center conducted a mobile training team course of instruction on conflict termination on conflict termination theory, negotiations theory, and case studies for the Saudi Ministry of Defense (MOD). The week-long workshop was held in Riyadh, KSA. The Saudis are looking for a way to end the Yemen conflict while preserving their security interests. NESA Center Associate Professor David Des Roches started the first day of the workshop with two theoretical sessions “Introduction to War Termination: Concepts” and “Basics of Negotiations.” The next few days focused on “Consideration of Modern Weaponry” and case studies with “U.S. – Mexico 1916,” “Israel – Lebanon 2006,” and “U.S. – Afghanistan 2021.” The final classroom day reviewed “Iran Proxy Strategy: Implications” and “War Termination as a Whole of Government Issue.”

Professor David Des Roches in the classroom speaking during the Conflict Termination Workshop.


Professor David Des Roches (front row 4th from the left) and Academic Advisor Andrea Brewington (front row 2nd from the right) with Saudi MOD Conflict Termination Workshop participants.


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