Executive Seminar: Conflict Beyond Evolving Warfare

From 31 January – 11 February 2022, the Near East South Asia Center for Strategic Studies (NESA Center) hosted a virtual Executive Seminar on “Conflict Beyond Evolving Warfare.” Course Director NESA Center Associate Professor David Des Roches welcomed the group and started the seminar, followed by NESA Center Director LTG Terry A. Wolff, USA (Ret.) and NESA Center Academic Dean Dr. Roger Kangas.

Leading academics, practitioners, and NESA Center faculty presented on the broad range of developments in warfare through lectures on specific issues and recent examples of warfare. The seminar consisted of 18 interactive sessions where NESA Center experts, as well as several external experts, were invited to discuss and engage with seminar participants – critically analyzing developments in modern warfare. During the first week, some topics included conflict in the modern world, to technology and its impacts, and closing with European security and threats. The second week started with Iran proxy strategy, and then a few other topics included sanctions and non-military means of power, Afghanistan, to changes in warfare. Discussions were facilitated by NESA Center Manager of Academic Affairs Jeffrey Payne and Associate Professor Daniel Curfiss. The two-week seminar had 54 participants from 21 countries. All discussions were held off-the-record under Chatham House rules of non-attribution.

Speakers from top left: Professor David Des Roches, LTG Terry A. Wolff, USA (Ret.), Dr. Roger Kangas, Professor Daniel Curfiss, Dr. T.X. Hammes (Distinguished Research Fellow, National Defense University), Jeffrey Payne, Dr. Joel Wuthnow (Senior Research Fellow, INSS [NDU]), COL Liam Collins, PhD, USA (Ret.) (Director, Modern War Institute at West Point), Samantha Turner (Senior Adviser – Gender), USAID), Charles Lister (Senior Fellow, Middle East Institute), LTG Ben Hodges (Ret.) (Pershing Chair, Center for European Policy Analysis), Dr. Alex Vatanka (Director of Iran Program, Middle East Institute), Chris Kubecka (Distinguished Chair, Cyber Program, Middle East Institute), Samuel Cranny-Evans (Research Analyst, Royal United Services Institute), Honorable Michael Pompeo (Former US Secretary of State and Director of Central Intelligence Agency), Genevieve Abdo (Visiting Fellow, Arab Gulf States Institute of Washington), Honorable Ali Jalali (Distinguished Professor, NESA Center for Strategic Studies), COL (Ret.) David Lamm (Deputy Director, NESA Center for Strategic Studies)

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