The Challenge of Cybercrime & “Hacktivism”

From 14–18 August 2023, the Near East South Asia (NESA) Center for Strategic Studies conducted a Cyber Security and Law Enforcement Seminar titled “The Challenge of Cybercrime and Hacktivism.” The five-day workshop was held in Washington, D.C. It was designed to help participants evaluate and analyze the nature and dynamics of cyber security with a Read More >

Cyber Security Seminar: Sharing Experiences

The NESA Center executed its first cyber security seminar from 12–15 June 2023 in Washington, D.C., titled “Cyber Security: Sharing Experiences.” Twelve countries from the MENA region were represented.   Senior U.S. officials and think-tank representatives addressed the seminar. All presentations were followed with discussions that were held off-the-record under Chatham House rules of non-attribution. Read More >

2023 NESA-AFRICOM Changing Nature of Security, Capacity, and Institutions Workshop

From 11–16 June 2023, the Near East South Asia (NESA) Center for Strategic Studies conducted, in partnership with U.S. Africa Command, the “NESA-AFRICOM Changing Nature of Security, Capacity, and Institutions Workshop” in Casablanca, Morocco. Security discussions on capacity building and the increasing challenges of transnational threats (trafficking, migration, and pandemics) and non-traditional security challenges (climate Read More >

February–March 2023 NESA Center Update Report

View the NESA Center February–March 2023 Update focused on cyber Near East South Asia Region trends. The update also highlights February through March 2023 NESA Center programs and events, faculty and staff engagements, alumni contributions, and a calendar with upcoming events. February – March 2023 Cyber Trends: Pakistan continues to be in the eye of Read More >

Gulf Security Roundtable Discussion

From 25–26 April 2023, the Near East South Asia (NESA) Center for Strategic Studies held a Gulf security roundtable discussion in partnership with the Qatari Armed Forces Center for Strategic Studies and Chatham House in London. NESA Center Deputy Director COL David Lamm, USA (Ret.) and Professor Dr. Gawdat Bahgat led the discussion. The topics Read More >

Executive Seminar: Conflict Beyond Evolving Warfare

From 31 January – 11 February 2022, the Near East South Asia Center for Strategic Studies (NESA Center) hosted a virtual Executive Seminar on “Conflict Beyond Evolving Warfare.” Course Director NESA Center Associate Professor David Des Roches welcomed the group and started the seminar, followed by NESA Center Director LTG Terry A. Wolff, USA (Ret.) Read More >

Senior Executive Seminar: Global & Regional Power Competition

From 15-19 November 2021, the Near East South Asia Center (NESA) hosted a virtual Senior Executive Seminar titled “Global and Regional Power Competition.” The seminar started off with welcomes from Course Director Dr. Michael Sharnoff, NESA Center Academic Dean Dr. Roger Kangas, and NESA Center Director LTG Terry A. Wolff, USA (Ret.). The five-day seminar Read More >

Executive Seminar “Managing New Technology and Security”

From 13 July through 17 July, NESA hosted an Executive Seminar on emerging technology and its impacts on international security. The seminar was attended by 38 foreign service and military officers from 18 countries. During the seminar, participants identified developments in technology such as social media, unmanned aerial vehicles, hypersonic missiles, artificial intelligence, and new Read More >