Reawakening Threats: The Reemergence of Islamic State Amid Global Distractions

CSAG INFORMATION PAPER By: LTC René Berendsen, NLD Army (CSAG/CCJ5), Lt Col Richard Pecinka, CZE AF (CSAG/CCJ5), and MAJ Felix Badut, ROU Army (CSAG/CCJ5)   05 April 2024 Subject: “Reawakening Threats: The Reemergence of Islamic State Amid Global Distractions.” Purpose: This paper examines the reemergence of Islamic State (IS) in the Middle East. IS continues Read More >

CSAG Strategy Paper: Panacea for Gaza

CSAG STRATEGY PAPER COL Mohammed Sayed, Egyptian Army (CSAG/CCJ5), LTC Rene Berendsen, Royal Netherlands Army (CSAG/CCJ5), and CDR Hubert Mróz, Polish Navy (CSAG/CCJ5) 1 April  2024   Overview: The quest for stability in Gaza has long been a focal point of international attention, particularly in the context of the Israeli-Hamas conflict and the broader Palestinian Read More >

Research Report: Power of Three: Role of Academia, Media & Think Tanks in Security Reform

The research report “Power of Three: Role of Academia, Media & Think Tanks in Security Reform,” was published following the day-long seminar on “Academia, Media, and National Security in Pakistan” held on 13 September 2022 hosted by the Near East South Asia (NESA) Center for Strategic Studies in collaboration with the think tank Jinnah Institute Read More >

Military Professionalism at Crossroads: A Review of Ginsburgh’s Thoughts

NESA Center Alumni Publication Thokozani Andrew Chazema – A NESA Alumnus; an adjunct lecturer at Mzuzu University, Department of Governance, Peace and Security Studies; an adjunct lecturer at Malawi Defence Force Command and Staff College affiliated to Malawi University of Science and Technology, Bingu School of Culture and Heritage, Defence and Strategic Studies Program; a Read More >

2024 Women’s History Month and the NESA Center WPS E-Book

March marks the U.S. Congress’s designation of Women’s History Month to recognize and celebrate the many contributions of women throughout history and today. Just recently, on March 8th, International Women’s Day was celebrated. Both events recognize the contribution of women and carried with them calls for action. Against this backdrop is the 24th Anniversary of Read More >

2023 NESA Center Impact Report

Read the 2023 Near East South Asia Center for Strategic Studies Impact Report, which showcases the NESA Center alumni network, academic programming, and engagements spanning from fiscal year 2023 to the first quarter of fiscal year 2024. It particularly highlights the following areas of focus: Transnational and Asymmetric Threats Territorial and Maritime Security Defense Sector Read More >

January–February 2024 NESA Center Update Report

View the NESA Center January–February 2024 Update focused on regional cyber trends. The update also highlights January through February NESA Center programs and events, faculty and staff engagements, alumni contributions, and a calendar with upcoming events.   Regional Trends – Cyber U.S. Strategy in the Middle East: Cyber as a Non-traditional Threat: The cybersecurity landscape Read More >

Shining a Light on Iran’s Shadow War

J5 ACADEMIC PAPERS Author: Lt Col, Michael Redding, USAF, USA 18 February 2024   Iran’s Gray Zone Strategy Iran is running the world’s most effective gray zone campaign and hardly anyone has noticed. By combining a punishment strategy covered in plausible deniability with an influence strategy under the threshold of conflict, Iran is quietly reclaiming its Read More >

Yemen After the KSA-Iran Agreement: From Dreams to Harsh Reality and How This Fed Houthi Behavior in the Current Crisis

CSAG STRATEGY PAPER By: MAJ Felix Badut, ROMANIAN ARMY (CSAG/CCJ5) 20 February 2024   Overview: In 2014, Houthi rebels overtook Sanaa, the capital of Yemen, in a push for increased military and political power, starting Yemen’s long-lasting civil war. The chaos created by the Houthi insurgents jeopardized the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s (KSA) ambition for Read More >

Iran’s Elections, Wind of Change?

CSAG STRATEGY PAPER By: LTC René Berendsen, NLD Army (CSAG/CCJ5) 02 February 2024   Overview: Shaped by the 1979 Iranian Revolution, the Iranian political landscape uniquely blends democratic and theocratic elements. The 12th parliamentary elections, the 6th Assembly of Experts elections on March 1, 2024, and the presidential elections in 2025 are playing pivotal roles Read More >