April–May 2023 NESA Center Update Report

View the NESA Center April – May 2023  Update focused on Central and South Asia region trends. The update also highlights April through May NESA Center programs and events, faculty and staff engagements, alumni contributions, and a calendar with upcoming events. Central & South Asia Trends: A recent SIGAR report asserts that foreign armed groups Read More >

NEOM City: Integrated Campaigning and Competition with China

J5 ACADEMIC PAPERS Authors: (Maj, Daniel Hall, USMC, USA), (MAJ, Jonathan Lovelace, USA, USA), (Maj, Brett McCormick, USMC, USA), and (Maj, Michael Redding, USAF, USA)   7 August 2023   Abstract: NEOM City is a planned futuristic metroplex that serves as a $500 billion cornerstone of the Vision 2030 strategic framework that reduces Saudi Arabia’s Read More >

The Quran Desecration and its Implications – Perspectives of Partners

CSAG INFORMATION PAPER By: LTC Kashif Ehtisham, PAK Army (CSAG/CCJ5), MAJ Ibrahim Elveren, TUR Army (CSAG/CCJ5), and COL Mohammed Sayed, EGY Army (CSAG/CCJ5) 2 August 2023 Subject: The Quran Desecration and its Implications – Perspectives of Partners Purpose: This paper aims to present the CSAG’s analysis regarding the current incidents of Quran burning, why it Read More >

The Politico-Military Crisis in Niger Intensifies the Risk of Blowing up the Sub-Saharan and North Africa Regions

NESA Center Alumni Publication Dr. Arslan Chikhaoui – Chairman of NSV Consultancy & Studies Center and an active member of the ‘Track 2’ Working Group of the United Nations System (UNSCR-1540) 6 August 2023 The military coup of July 26, 2023, in Niger was linked, on the one hand, to the insecurity in particular in Read More >

Pirates of the Middle East Gulfs

CSAG INFORMATION PAPER By: LCDR Stipe Skelin, Croatian Navy (CSAG/CCJ5) and LTC René Berendsen, NLD Army (CSAG/CCJ5) 18 July 2023 Subject: Pirates of the Middle East Gulfs Purpose: This paper aims to present the CSAG’s analysis regarding how Iran is using a calculated provocative approach, to enhance their bargaining power by creating leverage during negotiations, Read More >

A Look into the Origins of Russian Strategic Culture

CSAG STRATEGY PAPER By: LTC Jussi Puustinen, FIN A (CSAG/CCJ5) 11 July 2023   Overview: Russia’s worldview is shaped by its strategic culture. Certain periods in history have a significant meaning in forming its strategic culture. These periods have influenced how Russians think about strong leaders, why autocracy is seen as a better option over Read More >

The Hardest ‘Soft’ Approach on the Yemeni Crisis: An Opportunity to Retake the Initiative in the Middle East

CSAG STRATEGY PAPER By: MAJ Mihai-Florin GIRBOAN, ROU Army (CSAG/CCJ5) 29 June 2023   Overview: Armed conflicts, across human history, brought unquantifiable loss of fortune, lives, and cultural diversity, effectively stalling, nullifying, or even reversing civilization progress, in countless occasions.  This paper aims to clear the “fog of war” that is covering Yemen and the Read More >

The Soviet-sounding New Foreign Policy of Russia

CSAG STRATEGY PAPER By: CDR Hubert MRÓZ, POL NAVY (CSAG/CCJ5) 22 June 2023   Overview: On March 31, President Putin announced an updated concept of Russian foreign policy. The previous document has been in effect since November 30, 2016. The Russian government is adapting its foreign policy assumptions to the changed situation due to the ongoing Read More >

China and Russia Competition for Afghanistan

CSAG INFORMATION PAPER By: LTC GIAMPIERO CURRADO, ITA Army (CSAG/CCJ5) 21 June 2023 Subject: China and Russia – Competition for Afghanistan (AFG) Purpose: The aim of this paper is to present CSAG’s analysis of competition between Russia and China for agreements and strategies for the Central Asian Heartland. Read the complete paper here.   View Read More >


NESA Center Alumni Publication Dr. Arslan Chikhaoui Expert en Géopolitique et membre, du Conseil Consultatif d’Experts du World Economic Forum et est partie prenante dans divers Task Forces ‘Track 2’ du système des Nations Unies (UNCSR 1540). 20 Juin 2023   1. LE CONTEXTE Dix-sept éléments du tableau périodique dénommés « terres rares » jouent un rôle Read More >