Reawakening Threats: The Reemergence of Islamic State Amid Global Distractions


By: LTC René Berendsen, NLD Army (CSAG/CCJ5), Lt Col Richard Pecinka, CZE AF (CSAG/CCJ5), and MAJ Felix Badut, ROU Army (CSAG/CCJ5)


05 April 2024

Subject: “Reawakening Threats: The Reemergence of Islamic State Amid Global Distractions.”

Purpose: This paper examines the reemergence of Islamic State (IS) in the Middle East. IS continues its recruiting efforts, resulting in a steady trend of malign activities in the region, while the coalition is pressured to withdraw its forces and is preoccupied with recent developments in the AOR and elsewhere (e.g., Israel-Hamas, Red Sea-Houthis, Russia-Ukraine).

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