Research Report: Power of Three: Role of Academia, Media & Think Tanks in Security Reform

The research report “Power of Three: Role of Academia, Media & Think Tanks in Security Reform,” was published following the day-long seminar on “Academia, Media, and National Security in Pakistan” held on 13 September 2022 hosted by the Near East South Asia (NESA) Center for Strategic Studies in collaboration with the think tank Jinnah Institute (JI). The 48 page report offers a summary of the seminar proceedings as well as chapters on the overall theme with recommendations for Pakistan. The key questions that the JI-NESA conference, and subsequently this report, aimed to answer include:

  • How can state and civil society collaborate more closely for informed decision-making and effective policy implementation?
  • What characterizes the relationship between media and the state?
  • Can think tanks play an improved role in consultations on national security?
  • How have academic institutions assisted security sector reform in Pakistan?
  • How can institutions within the security sector undergo reform?


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