Media and Governance of The Security Sector in Tunisia

The Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces(DCAF) launched the 2nd edition of  Media and security sector governance in Tunisia.

This edition contains the new relevant texts regarding the regulation of media activity in Tunisia adopted since the launch of the first edition at the end 2014. The most important texts focus on:

          • the organic law on the right of access to information
          • the various decisions made by HAICA as regulatory authority for the audiovisual communication sector.

The new edition of the Index also includes domains where legislation directly affects the role and the work of the Tunisian media:

  • the counter terrorism law adopted in 2015
  • the decree governing the state of emergency as well as provisions limiting the right of access to information as provided by other texts than the Decree-law No. 2011-41 and the new organic law no. 2016-22

This edition provides a detailed overview of the evolution of legislation in the field of information and communication in Tunisia. It is intended not only to media professionals and representatives of the security sector, but also to all those interested in the role of media as actors of informal control of the security sector.

The full report is in Français and العربية.

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