NESA-IISS Southern Asia Security Conference in Oman

In partnership with the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), the NESA Center for Strategic Studies held the 16th annual NESA–IISS Southern Asia Security Conference in Oman from 13–15 October 2023. NESA Center Dean Dr. Roger Kangas and Professors Dr. Hassan Abbas and John Gill participated in the unique off–the–record track 1.5 event that brought together a strong mix of senior serving/former military and civilian officials, sitting legislators, and subject matter experts from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan, as well as top academics from China and serving officials from the UK and the U.S. The theme was “Building Regional Security.” Plenary topics included the impact of U.S.-China-India relations on regional security, China-Pakistan relations, India-Pakistan tensions, the situation in Afghanistan, and the significance of the many regional elections slated for 2024. Additionally, break-out sessions addressed the impact of the Israel-Hamas conflict, the role of increased minilateralism/multilateralism, India-Pakistan crisis management, and the prospects/objectives for an intra-Afghan dialogue.

The NESA team in Oman: Academic Dean Dr. Roger Kangas, Academic Dean (center), Distinguished Professor Dr. Hassan Abbas (left), and Adjunct Professor John (Jack) Gill (right).


Dean Roger Kangas and IISS Director-General and Chief Executive Dr. Bastian Giegerich addressing the opening plenary session of the conference.


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