Recruitment of Foreign Male and Female Fighters To Jihad

This article is divided into three major sections. Section one deals with the incursion of foreign fighters traveling to Syria and Iraq; section two explores the issue of the recruitment of young girls and women to Jihad. Section three discusses the preemptive strategy of North African countries, especially in Morocco to combat terror. The ‘Islamic State’ (IS) or ‘Daesh’ (the Arabic pejorative acronym for IS) has shown great ‘military’ capabilities but also in the virtual field. The group has developed a highquality media industry and mastered this tool like no jihadist group ever has. Its rapid
growth has been facilitated by its masterful command of social media platforms, the ‘dark web,’ Hollywood ‘blockbuster’-style videos, and even jihadi computer garecruitment-of-foreign-male-and-female-fighters-to-jihad-morocco-s-multifaceted-counter-terror-strategymes, producing a powerful paradox where the ambitions of the Middle Ages have re-emerged in cyber-space (Atwan 2015). In comparison, al Qaeda propaganda is a complete ‘has been.’ The new terrorist organization possesses a powerful communication strategy (Ghanem-Yazbeck 2015).

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