Washington Embassy Orientation Seminar 2022

From 17–21 October 2022, the Near East South Asia (NESA) Center for Strategic Studies conducted a Washington Embassy Orientation (WEO) Seminar in Washington, D.C. The week-long orientation, titled “Working in Washington,” featured a range of speakers, including diplomats, national security professionals, academics, business leaders, and journalists. As newly arrived foreign government representatives in Washington, participants were advised on how to navigate the Washington bureaucracy and cultivate productive relationships that will allow them to advance their country’s interests.

Washington Embassy Orientation Seminar in Washington, D.C. from 17–21 October 2022.


Course Director Assistant Professor Brianne Todd moderated the sessions. The orientation consisted of ten sessions with presentations from NESA Center leadership and faculty, including Director LTG Terry Wolff, USA (Ret.), U.S. Army War College Fellow COL Louis Kangas, Distinguished Professor Dr. Hassan Abbas, Professor David Des Roches, and external speakers. The first half featured presentations on the U.S. national security structure, branches of government, and the organization of both the Department of State and the Department of Defense. Sessions during the first three days outlined the complexities of the policy and decision-making processes in the U.S. government.

Director LTG Terry Wolff, USA (Ret.) speaking to the group and Course Director Professor Brianne Todd at the speaker table.


The second half featured dialogues on best practices for participants to effectively communicate their national interests, engage with the media and think tanks, and maximize their time here in Washington. On the last day of the seminar, embassy officials, who were also NESA Center Alumni, reflected on some of the best practices and lessons they learned while working in Washington. Specifically, what would have been helpful to know when they first arrived in the United States and how they have embraced opportunities and resolved challenges they have encountered.

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Washington Embassy Orientation Seminar 01-22

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