Islamic State and the Coming Global Confrontation – Book Review

This book analyzes the origins and organizational structure of Islamic State (IS), examining its military
triumphs and success in securing new recruits via social media. From its base in Iraq and Syria, IS
has spread globally with 17 regional affiliates from Indonesia to Nigeria and sleeper cells in at least 60
countries, capable of atrocities like the Paris attack. To understand the threat of IS, this book explores
its organizational structure and underlying ideology, and implications for Western efforts to attack the
leadership of IS. The ways IS has grown by swiftly adapting its military strategy, developing creative
forms of funding and efforts to win hearts and minds of locals are identified. The author highlights how
the competing individual national interests between the Western military alliance and local partners have
served to strengthen IS. With its ideology spreading ever further, this book warns of the looming violent
confrontation between democratic and Islamist forces. This volume speaks to academics in international
relations, security studies and strategic studies, policy-makers and interested parties.

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