NESA Maritime Digital Security Series: “Challenges to Littoral Zones in the Indian Ocean Region”

Mr. Jeffrey Payne of the NESA Center continued the NESA Maritime Security Digital Series on 30 July.  The roundtable focused on the challenges to littoral zones in the Indian Ocean Region.  Discussants included: Dr. Ian Ralby of I.R. Consilium; Ms. Toral Vadgama of the Global Maritime Crime Programme, UNODC; and Commodore (ret.) C Uday Bhaskar of the Society for Policy Studies.  The speakers explored how littoral security goes far beyond simply countering illicit networks and other forms of maritime crime, and how it also includes understanding the ways that sea wealth impacts a nation’s future, how maritime security requires a whole-of-government, if not whole-of-society approach, and how coordination and cooperation are the best methodologies for addressing challenges.

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