A Pivot to Geoeconomics: Pakistan’s Economic Security Paradigm

By: LTC Taewon Choi, CSAG CCJ5 25 Oct 2021 Introduction: Recently, Pakistani leaders have repeatedly signaled a shift from geopolitics to geoeconomics. In 2021, Pakistan officials have repeatedly spoke of the term ‘geoeconomics’. When the Prime Minister Imran Khan visited Sri Lanka in February, he emphasized the importance and possibility of connectivity of the country Read More >

Defining ‘Partner of Choice’

By: LCDR Stipe Skelin, HRV Navy, CSAG CCJ5 15 Sep 2021 Introduction: USCENTCOM applies the term PoC as part of the US strategy to support those who align with the US approach to the region – stability and security, leverage greater influence over key partner nations and other Great Power Competitors. Successful partnerships result in Read More >

Optimizing Mutual Interests in Afghanistan

By: Lt Col Farhan Ali, Pakistan Army, CSAG CCJ5 05 Aug 2021 Introduction: While the present domestic political and security situation in Afghanistan is extremely volatile, there are opportunities to strengthen the partnerships beyond the military domain and address the Coalition interests. Every challenge creates new opportunities, but these opportunities can be time sensitive. Dividends Read More >

The Syrian Situation and its Impacts on Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons

By: LTC Marco PRANZO, ITA Army, CSAG CCJ5 23 July 2021 Introduction: In 2020 the conflict in Syria was further exacerbated by the country’s worst economic crisis since 2011, international sanctions, and the COVID-19 pandemic. In this challenging socio-economic situation, a so-called oligopoly, encompassing Syrian and non-Syrian entities has formed. For years, the entities that Read More >

US Withdrawal from Iraq and Conditions that Enabled ISIS’ Spread: 2011 and 2021 Comparison

By: LTC Octavian Dorobantu, ROU Army, CSAG CCJ5 23 July 2021 Introduction: In early 2019, the ISIS caliphate was declared “defeated” after losing the Battle of Baghuz Fawqani. However, in 2020, a significant growth in IS attacks has been witnessed in their traditional heartlands of Syria and Iraq, as well as an increasing presence in Read More >